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  • International Women’s Day – Celebrating Courage!

    Today is International Women’s Day and we wanted to celebrate the courage of women around the world as well as the advances made for gender equality and women’s empowerment. At KISANY female empowerment remains our daily mission. Through education and employment, we have been able to help many brave women to take back the thread …


    On September, the 24th and 25th, Kisany exhibited their new collection.
    Thanks to our enthusiastic and loyal customers,

    KISANY could proudly offer 1200 days of work to our embroiderers in Kigali and Goma!


    The private sale in Madrid last October was a real success.


    All the members of Agape who produce the Kisany collection follow a lifelong education program “L’Ecole des Femmes”. This program aims to help each tailor or embroiderer to improve his skills and to overcome the lack of education.

  • Back to school

    In September, 94 embroiderers’s children attended school again thanks to the to the generous support of the Fondation Sisley d’Ornano. Each child was enrolled in one of the city’s schools and received uniforms and school supplies.

    By investing in their education, KISANY and The Sisley Foundation of Ornano offer a brighter future to the children, willing to make them models for their community.


    In May our management team went to Goma and Kigali to perfect the next collections to come.

    In Goma, the team supported AGAPE’s embroiderers and tailors in the accomplishment of a large order for the Kivu International School. The school that will open its doors next September, trusted AGAPE to produce more than 2000 pieces such as uniforms and schoolbags. This was a great experience for the local non-profit organisation. Hopefully, they can count on Théodore’s expertise in this mission ; Théodore has been tailoring for KISANY since the beginning of the adventure. He is also a trainer at the Ecole de Femmes for all those who want to learn about sewing.

    Emma, one of the elder and most talented embroiderers decided to visit the team. By doing so she could share her experience with the novices. Amongst them, there was Aline. Aline’s husband, Djo, has been killed last February. This tragic event left Aline and their 2 young children without any ressources. This is why AGAPE’s embroiderers decided to host and train the young widow.

    In Kigali, the final touch was put on the patterns that will appear on the new collections of bed linen, table linen and cushions. The embroiderers also worked on samples for a future collaboration with renowned artists. More to come, stay tuned !


    Sisley and Kisany create the colourful pouch Twist.

    To celebrate the arrival of its new Phyto-Blush Twist, Sisley has introduced an exclusive, limited-edition linen pouch, made in Congo by Kisany’s team of embroiderers. The pouch is embroidered in bright colours, reminiscent of the vibrance and joy of African culture.

    “Here in Europe, the pouch adds a spirited freshness to our wardrobe. In Congo, the pouch brightened the lives of the African women who worked to make it.”

    Sisley’s founder, Isabelle d’Ornano has driven this project, providing 535 days of work to the embroiderers and tailors in Congo who hand made the 535 pouches. In addition to supporting the women of Kisany through work, the Fondation Sisley d’Ornano sponsored the schooling of 100 Congolese children from September 2016 and has just announced they will do the same again in 2017. The team at Kisany are delighted and thankful.

    To pick up your own gorgeous Twist pouch, visit Planet Parfums in Belgium or Luxembourg, from 15 May to 4 June.


    Goma’s embroiderers empower themself and create their own non-profit association.

    Kisany’s highly successful Ecole des Femmes began in 2015 with support and funding from the Fondation Sisley d’Ornano. Training courses have included Intro to Computers, Intro to the Internet, Leadership and Setting and Acheiving Goals. The training programme evolved further in 2016 backed by the Fundación Juan Entrecanales de Azcárate of Madrid and a Belgian supporter.

    In these 2 years, the training has changed the face of Kisany, awakening and strengthening talents in many team members, and building strong management ability in our leaders. The training has highlighted how able, goal-oriented and self-sufficient the team in Goma has become in recent years.

    It is clear to all that the time has come to increase empowerment, to broaden ownership within the team and to create a non-profit association under Congolese law.

    After several months working through administrative procedures and the financial structure for this new non-profit association, everyone celebrated when AGAPE was officially established last October, with plans for a full roll-out in 2017.

    The first local line of products has been developed and AGAPE is currently showcased in three Goma businesses:

    – Hotel Lake Kivu Lodge, 162 Alindi Avenue, Quartier Katindo.
    – Restaurant Le Chalet, 164 Avenue Maniema, Quartier Katindo
    – Retaurant Nyumbani, 1 Boulevard Kanya Mulanga

    We are excited about the future of this endeavor and especially pleased that L’Ecole des Femmes will continue, thanks to another generous donation from Fondation Entrecanales. We look forward to discovering and developing more skills amongst existing and new team members.

    The continued support of our European clients is needed and appreciated more than ever. KISANY patrons can expect the same level of beauty, quality and consistency in our future products. The AGAPE team will continue to provide stunning embroidered linens for our European line, whilst growing their local relationships in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    Contact Details:

    Contact person : Joseph Muhima
    Adress : Avenue Walikale 11, Quartier des Volcans, Goma
    Phone Number : +243 970068880, +243 819053009
    Mail :

  • École des femmes

    The Ecole des Femmes is an annual education and training programme for the KISANY embroiderers and weavers across East Africa. In 2015, funded through the Sisley Foundation, 372 hours of training were offered, including courses in Preventative Healthcare, Literacy, Financial Planning, Management and Women’s Rights. Ecole des Femmes empowers the women to improve their own lives and build healthier families and communities.

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